Rio Welding Ltd.
15 Romina Dr, Concord, Ontario, L4K 4Z9
Custom Metal Fabrication
Custom metal fabrication
from your blueprints, samples,
sketches or product ideas

Stainless steel tank fabrication

Ink pot fabrication


Custom Fabrication

Our highly experienced and skilled CWB certified welders can produce, repair or assemble anything from small machine parts to 10-ton weldments. We offer CWB certified welding for light to heavy structural projects.

We regularly fabricate items for a diverse range of satisfied, repeat customers:

  • Structural holding tanks
  • Decks and platforms
  • Heat exchangers
  • Industrial equipment
  • Railings and guards
  • Silencers and sound barrier systems
  • Bulk handling systems for food and chemical
  • Assembly line and packaging equipment
  • Application specific material handling equipment
  • Minor and micro ingredient systems
  • Conveyors and racking
  • Skid assemblies
  • Mixers, pots and tippers
  • Frameworks
  • Hoppers
  • Fixtures and stands
  • And literally tons of repairs and modifications

A Quality Experience

We service many industries with precision fabrication: energy, food processing, chemical, oil, architectural, transportation, construction, environmental and many others.

Our many experienced fabricators have the capability to meet your strictest requirements for quality.

We service welding fabrication projects of all sizes, from individual components to 20-foot assemblies.

We welcome minimum lead-time orders, and we'll work with you when last-minute changes come up. We always match the quality of our fabricating with the quality of our personal service.

Our specialty is quick turn-around on projects of all sizes.